Jean-François Thibault

Senior Director, Skyline Retail Asset Management Inc.

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Jean-Francois Thibeault Portrait Photo

Jean-François is responsible for determining, managing, and overseeing all leasing functions for a designated regional portfolio within Skyline Retail REIT. His portfolio encompasses hundreds of tenants and totals millions of square feet of retail space across five Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec).

Working directly with Skyline Retail REIT’s President and major stakeholders, Jean-François forecasts leasing strategies for his portfolio with the objective of achieving increased revenues, occupancy and profitability while decreasing vacancies and strengthening the REIT’s position.

Jean-François joined Skyline in 2020 with seven years of experience in the retail leasing industry. His strong network of people active in the retail real estate industry serves as an asset to maintaining positive ongoing relationships with the brokerage communities in each market within his portfolio. Additionally, he uses his expertise, determination, and creativity to help Skyline Retail REIT reach its growth potential.

Jean-François believes a great team is one that is comfortable sharing information and being accessible to one another. Encouraging collaboration and resourcefulness among his team, he ensures Skyline Retail is leveraging the greater supports and resources within Skyline Group of Companies, to meet its goal of optimizing Skyline Retail REIT’s profitability, strengthening its tenancy, and decreasing vacancy.


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