Kelley manages and supervises all programs and daily duties of the internal retail business operations teams and is responsible for championing their continuous improvement. She aims to effectively coach and empower her team members to progressively build upon their capabilities.

With both parents having worked in property management roles, Kelley grew up in the industry. From a young age, she garnered experience both in the office and on-site at the properties. Previous to Skyline Commercial Management, she held several Senior Property Management roles in the residential, condo, and non-profit housing sectors.

Kelley joined Skyline Commercial Management as Property Administrator in 2013. She was subsequently promoted to Process Documentation Specialist, Portfolio Manager, then Administration Supervisor before taking on her current Retail Business Operations management role. Through working in each role, she has developed a unique perspective that allows her to create efficiencies and increase productivity in Skyline Commercial Management’s Business Operations department.

A proud recipient of Skyline’s “Quest for the Golden Pail” employee excellence award, Kelley leads her team with respect, empathy, and a cool head under pressure. She prides herself on recognizing and celebrating the individual strengths and accomplishments of her team members.