Exceptional customer service is the number one priority at Skyline Commercial Management Inc.

Skyline Commercial Management Inc. (Skyline Commercial) takes pride and ownership in the maintenance of its properties and its long-standing relationships with its tenants and local brokerage communities. The Skyline Commercial team helps to ensure that your experience at your place of business is hassle-free, allowing for peak performance and the reduction of operational and financial risk.

Tenant Service Request

Create service requests and track the progress of those requests from start to completion. Once you have entered your request (e.g., roof leak, HVAC issue, etc.), it will be dispatched electronically to our Skyline Commercial team for action.

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What to Expect as a Tenant

As a tenant with Skyline Commercial, you can expect superior property management service. Skyline Commercial consistently measures its customers’ satisfaction using Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics to ensure that its service is nothing less than outstanding.

Skyline Commercial will be proactive with its services to ensure that your business thrives in its location. Skyline Commercial understands that your business’ needs are distinct and ever-changing, and that ongoing, open conversation and feedback are crucial for consistently meeting your needs.

For emergencies and 24/7 service, please call 1 (800) 451-5229

What Makes Skyline Commercial Unique?

Skyline Commercial facilitates the daily operation and maintenance of all properties owned by Skyline Industrial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT. All operations for Skyline Commercial are performed in-house.

Skyline Commercial is housed within Skyline Group of Companies. Being part of a larger entity provides unique benefits that help to make its locations better places to work and do business.

These benefits include:

  • Maintaining solid relationships with preferred tradespeople and contractors means that Skyline Commercial receives optimal pricing from these service providers. This buying power results in cost savings for Skyline Commercial’s tenants.

  • In conjunction with teams at Skyline Group of Companies, such as the Clean Energy Team, Skyline Commercial evaluates the incorporation of sustainable practices within its operations and all locations.

  • Using a well-established, in-house capital project team means that all interests are aligned. Through their years of experience at Skyline Group of Companies, Skyline Commercial’s capital project leaders have the industry knowledge and expertise for project success.

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Skyline Commercial Management Team